A Horse's Friend

Saturday Horsemanship Program

Through assigned responsibilities, horse etiquette, and horseback riding, A Horse’s Friend, Inc. provides growth and an
alternative opportunity for all of the participants, both children and adults. With the combination of the program
​director and trained volunteers, new and successful opportunities are the only outcome.

Program Details:

“Intro to the World of Horses”

Open Enrollment Year Round, 6 week sessions, 9-1pm, ages 7 and up, $300/session

Session 1

Welcome students and parents

  • ​Tour the facility and grounds
  • Discuss safety and procedures
  • Introduce the students to the horses
Session 2
  • Learn to feed horses​
  • Handle horses / Take horses outside
  • Learn stall cleaning
  • Learn proper grooming
  • Introduce the different tack
  • Learn mounting
  • Introductory ride
Sessions 3 – 5
  • Repeat Session 2
  • Practice tacking the horses
  • Students groom & ride
  • Bathe their horses (seasonal)
Session 6
  • Repeat Sessions 2-5
  • Introduce trail riding
  • Program Closure
  • Students discuss / write about their experience and accomplishments
  • Students display their skills to their parents and friend
  • End of program celebration

Parents and friends are encouraged to attend the last day of the program.

After the closure of the six session program the students may be asked to return to assist in the next six session program
with the new students, creating leadership training within the program. There will be no additional cost for the returning
​students, but they must follow the same guidelines as the new students.

Enroll your child today! Call 585-749-9885.

Upcoming Programs

  • Saturday Horsemanship Program:​
    • October 21 – November 25
    • September 9 – October 14
  • Camps during School Break:
    • February 19-23, 2024 (February break)
    • April 1-5, 2024 (Spring break)
  • Open to ages 7+
  • Registration fee is $300/sessio
  • ​Runs from 9am – 1pm

Registration is now open!

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