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Winter 2015
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Since its foundation in early 2006,
‘A Horse’s Friend’, an outreach program whose mission is to expose youth from the inner city and underserved populations, has touched the lives of over 2,000 such youth, disadvantaged and otherwise underprivileged children.

'A Horse's Friend', is a unique program promoting positive values, increasing social competencies and teaching children respect through the use of horses and horseback riding.

A Horse’s Friend’ has provided children alternatives to street activities that may lead to truancy, violence and drug use. In addition, ‘A Horse’s Friend’ adds a new dimension of experiences and life choices not commonly provided at inner city facilities.

The entire program provides an environment in which all riders can achieve success, support each other and develop special bonds with other children and animals, all while helping develop their full potential and becoming more productive citizens in their community.

A.H.F. Team